ATS 10-1-14

ATS with Trudi, Jim & Ryan...and special guest Wendy Leigh, author of new David Bowie biography Read more...

ATS 9-30-14

ATS 9-29-14

ATS 9/26/14

After the show with Trudi, Ryan, Scott and intern Matt. Read more...

ATS 9/25/14

After the show with Trudi and Ryan

ATS 9-24-14

ATS 9-23-14

ATS 9-22-14

ATS 9-19-14

Kevin Smith & Justin Long check in to talk everything from "Dancing With The Stars" to Justin's new movie (written by Kevin Smith) Read more...


Michael Palin joins us on the show - new book, Monty Python and much more! Read more...
Laughter @ 10 after
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