1)GM recalls 1.5 million more cars. Mary Barra's damage control skills getting a workout.

2)Plane still in vain. Nobody has a clue, but lots of reckless speculation that the pilots did it. Courtney Love checking in to say she's triangulated on the crash site of Malaysia Air 370 in the ocean. Yeah, that Courtney Love.

3)Would you dive behind a rolling car to save your kids lives? A woman in Boston did when her Honda Civic started to roll down her driveway towards a busy street with the little ones tucked in while she was outside of the car. Boy do they owe Mommy the speed bump big time on Mother's Day. The car stopped but both of her legs were broken.

4)Amanda Seyfried of Mean Girls and Veronica Mars fame in 'W' magazine recalls a particularly nice warm make out session with Megan Fox while listing her who's who of good celebrity kissers. enter image description here

5) And a girl in Zimbabwe whose parents own a zoo adopted a baby squirrel letting it nest in her hair for safety. Now Hammy rides there all the time. That should be fun when she starts dating and Hammy crawls out to see what's up. enter image description here