1) So we're asked to believe that the Mayor of Warren, Jim Fouts went all Rob Ford and vaulted a city council conference table like a tightly coiled spring to threaten Warren's Treasurer? enter image description here

2) Americans are off the juice. OJ sales have dipped 40% cause we're trying to drink less sugar.

3) A 78-year old Misssissippi man was pronounced dead and removed from his home in a body bag. Not two hours later the morgue called and asked them to come get Walter Williams who was still alive and kicking. Literally.

4) On Oscar Sunday remember Sandra Bullock earned $70M for floating around in 'space' for 91 minutes. Not even nude.

enter image description here

5) Police trying to rescue a guy from a car on fire in St Louis earlier this week but as they reached for him he whipped out a glock and started shooting at them. Then it was on!!! The cops shot back and now they're not clear if he died from the shot, the crash or the fire or all three.