1) Kwame Kilpatrick and his Pop cost Detroit $1.1M in legal bills.! enter image description here

2) Valentine's Day will be an off day for Facebook. 72% of female users will abstain on Friday for fear of seeing a girlfriend who seems to be doing so much better with her honey or boasting about a better gift.

3) A woman in Germany's roommate is quite the hayburner housepet. She brought her 3 year old arabian inside during some recent bad weather and he stayed. enter image description here

4) The nerve of that sinkhole in Bowling Green, Kentucky opening up under the Corvette Museum's showroom floor like a hellmouth eating 8 completely awesome Corvettes, including the millionth 'Vette made. enter image description here

5) This one made me hungry: Sharquon Liggins whacked out Monday and started flinging frozen pork ribs at people driving by in their cars in Racine, Wisconsin. Following the trail of meat to a large bag of ribs on his front lawn they asked Sharquon why he did it and replied, "..Cause it was funny!"