1) $9.84 is the amount hackers spend on hijacked credit cards so that it flies under the radar of both the credit card holder and the companies. If you see a charge for $9.84 hotline the credit card company immediately!!

2) In other states where they use those speed enforcement cameras to issue tickets, the cameras are now busted. 17 Baltimore school teachers were issued speeding tickets for 10 over when they were going 10 under. Under investigation? The speed gun companies who score a commission on every ticket issued.

3) Pope Francis is a rock star!!! The Pope-tastic Holy Father is the first to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

enter image description here

4) Seahawk Richard Sherman's dad Kevin is a garbage man in Seattle, so is he quitting his job now that his son is a football phenom? Oh, Hell No says Mr. Sherman. Why would i mess with my retirement and make my son foot all the bills?

5) Google glasses are gonna be a thing. The company got thousands of e-mail pleas from their far and nearsighted users, so they'll be making titanium frames and correctable lenses with the Google Glass device embedded. You don't wanna know how much that's gonna cost you.