Trudi & Jim in the Morning

10a.m.–3p.m. Karen Savelly
3p.m.–7p.m. Doug Podell
7p.m.–12a.m. Dave Dahmer
12a.m.–5:30am Uncle Buck

12a.m.–6a.m. Scott Shepard
6a.m.–8a.m. Little Stevens
8a.m.–noon Ken Calvert
Noon–4p.m. Juline Jordan
4p.m.–8p.m. Jim Paolucci
8p.m.–12a.m. Dave Dahmer


Jon Ray

6a.m.–7a.m. Peter Werbe
7a.m.–10a.m. OverEasy with Pam Rossi
10a.m.–3p.m. Juline Jordan
3p.m.–7p.m. JT
7p.m.–12a.m. Pam Rossi
12a.m.–2a.m. In Concert
2a.m.–5:30a.m. Classic Rock


  CSX Three @ 3 – Some of the best things in life come in three’s. The Three Stooges, The Three Amigo’s, 3 Musketeer Bars and now from your favorite radio station comes the Three @ 3. Every weekday at 3pm (of course) you will hear three in a row from your favorite artists. We need your help too, as we pick 2 but will need you to pick the third to perfect the trifecta! E-Mail Doug with your 3-fer favorite artists here: doug@wcsx.com

  Karen’s Classic Rock Quiz – every day at Noon before Karen launches her 12 @ 12 she asks a Classic Rock Quiz question. The answer is always going to be a song title from one of the twelve songs played.

Your job of course, is to listen to each song and figure out which song title is the answer to Karen’s quiz. Listen carefully though as you only have until the end of the 12 song set to get it right.

EXAMPLE: Q) “It ascends past skyscrapers, planes, clouds and even space itself” A) “Stairway to Heaven”. Easy right?


  CSX Beatles Break – Every weekday at 4pm staff Beatles aficionado Doug Podell interrupts your workforce day for a Beatles Break. It’s two in a row from the Fab 4 for you and then it’s back to work for Doug as he adds his take on Beatles nostalgia to compliment the Beatles greatness. E-mail Doug your Beatles suggestions to Doug here: doug@wcsx.com


  CSX Whole Lotta Led – Every night at 8pm Dahmer spins a couple from Classic Rocks greatest band Led Zeppelin. It’s also a chance for you to get the led out and weigh in with your favorite Led Zeppelin pick. We pick one you pick one. E-Mail your Zep requests to Dahmer here: dahmer@wcsx.co


  CSX Triple Shot Thursday’s – Every Thursday we put the CSX music library on steroids and amp things up to triple time. It’s three in row from all your favorite classic rock artists and it happens all day long.
Give us your suggestions for Triple shots here: jtarrants@greatermediadetroit.com and get ready to rock it out big time a day before the actual weekend begins