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Classic Road Trips

James Prior's Rider Road Trip
Suggested Ride: The Lake St. Clair Loop

Start in downtown Detroit and follow Jefferson Ave / Lakeshore Dr north, hugging the lake all the way around to Algonac. Then follow River Rd along the St. Clair River up to Port Huron. Cross the bridge over to Sarnia and follow St. Clair Parkway south down to Wallaceburg. From there head to Chatham on Hwy 40. Then take River View Line west, then hug the south end of the Lake all the way to downtown Windsor.
It's a great scenic ride all along the lake and river. There are lots of places to stop and have a snack along the way. The whole loop is less than 200 miles.

Darl Papple's Rider Road Trip
Maybe a shorter ride from say, Motor City Harley to Milford on a
Sunday Afternoon?

John Shoan's Rider Road Trip
How about getting everybody and take a Saturday ride up to Port Austin for lunch. Going up m53 is a real nice ride. real nice two lane blacktop. its about a two and a half hour ride and there are many places to stop if needed.


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