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For more than a decade, metro Detroiters have been easing into their Sunday with 94.7 WCSX’s Sunday Morning Over Easy. 

This Motor City staple offers the perfect accompaniment to relaxing with the paper, savoring a fresh cup of coffee, or enjoying the moment with close family and friends.  Crosby, Stills & Nash, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, James Taylor, the Eagles, and more come together to create a soundtrack that makes Sunday our favorite day of the week.
It’s Sunday served right!  Join Pam Rossi this and every Sunday morning starting at 7 for Over Easy, exclusively on 94.7 WCSX.


Pam Rossi has been a radio DJ for over 25 years, mostly broadcasting in Metro Detroit, where she was born and raised.

For the last 12 years, she's been hosting and producing Sunday Morning Over Easy on 94.7 WCSX. Over the years, Pam has treated listeners to many live in-studio interviews and performances on Over Easy, as well as on her live-stream U-Detroit Internet radio show.  

In her leisure time, Pam attends many concerts and musicals, and has herself performed in several community theater productions where she has sung, danced, and emceed. Pam has also been a background actor in movies like "Out of Sight" and "Up in the Air" with George Clooney, and "Demoted" with Sean Astin.


  • CD Review: Nils Lofgren

    Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Nils Lofgren has just released a 10 disc boxed set that spans his 45 year solo career. We know Nils as an E Street band member with Bruce Springsteen and the young piano player Neil Young hired for his After The Gold Rush album. What many may not know is what a great songwriter he is and how much amazing music he has as a solo artist. This set covers the whole repertoire of his solo years. Read More
  • CD Review:Don Middlebrook

    Have you heard the term Trop Rock? Think Jimmy Buffett. Think island music. Michigan’s own trop rocker, considered to be the founding father of Trop Rock, is Don Middlebrook and the Pearl Divers. You will hear this distinguishable sound in Don’s latest release, The Key West Connection. Right off the bat it’s there to put you on a sandy beach with iced beverage in hand, a warm breeze off that crystal blue water cooling you donw, and sun shine. The song “Beach Life” will certainly put you on that shoreline, until reality hits!! Read More
  • CD review:Paul Thorn

    The words too blessed to be stressed were commonly heard in the Baptist church Paul attended as a child back in Tupelo, Mississippi. So adding a bit of gospel singing backup vocals to that tune appropriately fits. Read More
  • CD review: Billy Brandt

    This weeks CD review is on local artist Billy Brandt’s,The Time Is Now. Billy has put together another stellar group of musicians to join him on on this latest effort. The Sugaree’s, as they are called, are some of the area’s best. Billy Brandt of course, Chris Degnore, Drew Howard, Jason Dennie, Todd Glass, John Holk, Mike Lynch and David Mosher. With a lineup like that you know the music will be top notch. And it is.
    With the opening title track, you’ll get a country flavor right off the bat. That resonates throughout the CD on several tunes. One of the things I noticed throughout is the clarity of the vocals. I want to hear the vocals. I love the music as well, but don’t let that drown out the vocals. And on this recording, they don’t, so thank you Roscoe. This is the first CD with the Sugaree’s. Knowing Billy is a Grateful Dead fan, I wonder if he named his band in reference to the Dead song titled the same? I believe if a listener can relate to a song, any song, then the songwriter did a good job. There are several songs here that accomplish that with me. While listening, it felt like some of the songs were written with me in mind. I know they weren’t but the writing was so good, it did it’s job. Those were especially true with The Time Is Now and Don’t Let Your Demons Bring You Down although to relate to it, I wanted to sing, ...His Demons!!! Overall this is a great CD. Loved many of the tunes with my favorite being Don’t Let Your Demons Bring You Down, The Lash, Let Her Down and No Guarantees.

    Read More
  • CD review:Arlen

    This week I want to let you know about a terrific solo CD from Arlen of the Salem Witchcraft band.  It's called That's Right.  At first listen, the opening title track had me smiling. It was a fun tongue in cheek tune of guys being guys.  I bet all the men will love and relate to this one.  I would imagine if you formed a boys club with no limits, this is what it would look like.  What follows are some more great rockin' tunes.  And of course they all showcase the amazing voice of Arlen.  The way he can hit those high notes reminds me of Rik Emmett of the band Triumph. Read More