So the Tigers are 6th on this list (from uniwatch.com) -- here's the Top Ten.



St. Louis Cardinals

MLB's best-looking team looks even better this season thanks to the addition of that great retro-style alternate jersey. There's still something a bit unimaginative about the road grays just duplicating the home whites, but it's such a good design that it's hard to blame them.




Chicago Cubs

The Cubbies reportedly have some logo and uni changes in the works, so their place in the rankings could end up changing soon, but for now they still have one of the top looks in the game (even though they're the only team in pro sports with an annoying "circle-R" trademark symbol on their uniform).




Oakland Athletics

Crazy but true: When A's owner Charles Finley dressed the team in green and gold back in 1963, it was only the second time an MLB team had ever worn green. (The only previous case:the 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers.) Half a century later, green is still a rarity on the diamond, but it sure looks great on the A's, whose core look, once viewed as outrageous, has evolved into a modern classic. Bonus points to equipment manager Steve Vucinich, who always sweats the details on the team's throwbacks.




Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies' chest script strikes a perfect balance between classy and playful -- ideal for grown men playing a kids' game. Bonus points for the sleeve numbers (unique among current MLB teams), the chain-stitched chest insignia, the little stars dotting the I's and, of course, the Liberty Bell logo on the socks and stirrups. (For those smart enough to go high-cuffed, that is.)




Los Angeles Dodgers

Ever notice that the Dodgers' white pants lookextra-white, whiter than white? What's their secret -- extra bleach in the laundry? Nope. It's because the Dodgers are one of the three MLB teams whose pants don't have any pinstripes or side piping. (The other two: Oakland and St. Louis.) Their basic look, essentially unchanged for 60 years, looks as fresh as ever. Now if they'd just take the "LA" logo off the sleeve and replace it with a round patch of some sort.




Detroit Tigers

Fun fact: The Tigers' pants have more belt loops than any other team's. Been that way for decades. No real reason for it -- it's just one of those team-specific quirks (although it no doubt comes in handy for Prince Fielder's uni).




New York Yankees

They deserve major credit for staying the course and avoiding trends, but those pinstripes don't look so great in the pajama pants era (or when CC Sabathia pitches), the "NY" on the home jersey doesn't match the one on the cap and the road jersey treads a fine line between minimalist and plain. An excellent wardrobe, but not quite the flawless masterpiece it's often made out to be.




Toronto Blue Jays

Their roster moves may have backfired this season, but there's no disputing that the Jays are very easy on the eyes these days. Let's hope they stick with this look for many years to come.




Baltimore Orioles

Un-fun fact: The Orioles' secondary logo, which appears on their alternate cap, has an upside-down apostrophe! How many people in various MLB offices signed off on that mistake? Grrrr. Despite this flaw, the team's current look is very sharp.




Kansas City Royals

With the Royals' on-field fortunes improving, maybe people will finally realize how good their uniforms have been for all these years. Underrated.

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