For those of you who don’t know, I served in the U.S. Naval Submarine Service for eight years during the first Gulf War. I look back on those times and smile at how young we were - and how quickly we grew up.

The men and women of today’s military are put in situations that most of us wouldn’t be able to handle for an hour, much less a year (or two). If you want to know what Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is all about, read “Flags of our Fathers” about World War 2 and how these men came home and tried desperately to deal with these mental issues. I can’t imagine trying to keep that kind of pain inside, but they did (not always for the good).


Today we have a generation returning that CAN get the help they need - and that’s why I was excited to talk with Colin Baden. Colin is the CEO of Oakley and the President and Director of the Infinite Hero Foundation (http://www.infinitehero.org).

All donations and money raised  for the Infinite Hero Foundation goes DIRECTLY to projects that can immediately impact the lives of those who protect us. The first project they funded was The Armed Forces Foundation, which deals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by providing outreach programs to not just the soldiers, but their families and the communities impacted.

I love this mission statement from the Infinite Hero Foundation

“The measure of our impact is positive outcomes, not merely gestures.
Like the heroes we serve, we refuse to shy away from a challenge.
Where boundaries exist, we will plow through them.
Where strategies and solutions have not yet
been found, we will create them.”

Listen to the podcast (either click here or scroll down) - and about halfway through it you’ll hear Colin tell a story about meeting a soldier that really sparked the idea. He’s a great guy and it’s an even better organization.

I’ve been out of the Navy for twenty years, but the bonds are still strong with my shipmates on the USS John C. Calhoun. I’d do anything to help them and their families. And after talking with Colin, I believe in my heart he’s on a mission to cut through the bullsh*t and take care of the men and women coming home today.

God bless you, Colin. Keep the men, women and families of these heroes in your hearts and minds. http://www.infinitehero.org is the website.

Never forget what they’ve done. And continue to do even as you read this.

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