It’s amazing to look at the evolution of cell phones over the past ten years. We’ve moved from text to email to a self contained business platform capable of everything you can do on a desktop (and make calls, take pictures, video and much more). The Samsung Galaxy 3 is a logical progression – taking a great platform and making it even better.

The technical side of the phone is amazing – from the lightning fast processor to the amazing screen (best clarity I’ve ever seen – including iphone). The SG3 has so many bells and whistles that if you start reading too many reviews you can get overwhelmed (paralysis by analysis).

Don’t worry – Samsung’s Galaxy 3 is easy to run out of the box and expandable as quickly as you want.

I own an Ipad2 – and the SG3 actually replaced it at a couple of business meetings. As a power user for social media and springpad, this is the first phone I’ve found that provides everything I need.

Battery life? It’s decent – but draining it quickly is a function of the multi-processes available. If you give me a Ferrari and tell me to go 30 mph, it’s not going to happen. Not using all of this phone to save battery life is a crime.

It’s not my place to get into the Apple/Samsung issue. I do know that this phone is a direct competitor to the Iphone brand – and far and away the best Android platform on the market. If you’re a google person – this phone is for you. If you’re an Apple person, don’t sue me. 

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