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Lemmy Kilmister Gives Optimistic Health Update
By: Troy Frisby

’s Lemmy Kilmister isn’t “one to sing the blues,” and nothing has changed in the wake of his recent health issues.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine, the rocker opened about the hematoma he suffered that forced the band to cancel a slew of tour dates, and his other health issues.

“I don’t mind you asking about my health,” he told Classic Rock (via Blabbermouth). “I’ve been poorly. There’s no point lying about it or trying to deny it. I’ve never done that. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, isn’t it? I understand you’ve got to ask. And I’m feeling better.”

Along with the hematoma, in which blood pooled in Lemmy’s muscles, he has been living with Type 2 diabetes for more than a decade and was fitted for a heart defibrillator earlier in 2013.

Still, he says that he quit smoking a year ago and doesn’t drink alcohol very much these days either.

Lemmy added that he doesn’t “do regrets” and would not change much about his life, stating that if he passed away in the near future, he’s happy with the life he’s lived.

“Death is an inevitability, isn’t it? You become more aware of that when you get to my age,” he told Classic Rock. “I don’t worry about it. I’m ready for it. When I go, I want to go doing what I do best. If I died tomorrow, I couldn’t complain. It’s been good.”

It’s good to hear that the Lemmy is feeling better, as the band is set to hit the road for a number of European tour dates in November and December. Motorhead's latest album, Aftershock, is officially due out on October 22, but the LP is now streaming in its entirety via Yahoo! Music.

For a full list of upcoming Motorhead tour dates, check out the band’s official page.

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