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Motorhead Drummer Says he's Concerned with Lemmy's Health
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

bassist/frontman Lemmy Kilmister seems to be doing much better health-wise that he was this past summer.

But just because the rocker is pushing forward, doesn’t his bandmates aren’t still concerned about him.

During a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine, drummer Mikkey Dee stated that he fears Lemmy will not change his bad habits despite his health scare.

“I think after all he’s been through, I’d say this: ‘Lem, when are you going to get sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? It’s time you started to take care of yourself,’” Dee stated of his bandmate.

Meanwhile, Lemmy, who suffered a hematoma in July and fell ill again about a month later, is apparently “over” the whole situation.

“I don’t like people telling me what to do – even if they might be right,” the rocker told Classic Rock Magazine. "I can still stand at that mic every night and play my songs. I’m getting better. By the time the tour comes around I’ll be ready."

And the tour is coming around soon. Motorhead, whose new album Aftershock is due out on October 22, will kick off a series of European tour dates on November 7 in Zurich, Switzerland.

For more on this story, head to, and check out the Motorhead official website for continued updates on the band.

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