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"Human Rights Concerts" to be Released as Box Set
By: Troy Frisby

On November 5, Amnesty International is set to drop ¡RELEASED!, a six-disc DVD box-set and two-disc companion CD of the historic Human Rights Concerts from 1986-1998.

The release, which will benefit Amnesty International, features music from an endless number of iconic musicians, including Bruce Springsteen, Sting, The Police, U2, Peter Gabriel, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, among others.

According to the official press release, the set’s debut “coincides with the 25th anniversary this fall of the most high-profile of all the concerts in the series - the Human Rights Now! world tour.”

That 1988 tour, which was headlined by Springsteen, Sting, Gabriel, Tracy Chapman and Youssou N’Dour, spanned five continents and reached millions of people both in-person and on television.

Aside from a film dedicated to the Human Rights Now! tour, the concert series is comprised of three other films, the first of which follows the final day of A Conspiracy Of Hope, Amnesty’s 25th anniversary concert tour of the USA in June 1986.

The others follow the October 1990 An Embrace Of Hope concert after Chile’s liberation and The Struggle Continues…, which took place in 1998 in Paris on the 50th anniversary of the city’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In all, the DVD set features more than 120 songs over 12 hours and more bonus materials, including a 40-page book of rare archival photographs and liner notes, as well as the two-CD set highlighting 30 of the performances.

The release’s extensive companion content includes a documentary with exclusive interviews from Springsteen, Sting, Gabriel, Pete Townshend and more, as well as more archival interviews and Peter Gabriel’s home movies from the ’86 Amnesty tour.

“The world is a much better place for knowing that Amnesty's around it,” Gabriel said during his first performance for Amnesty in 1986. “There's still an amazing amount more work that needs to be done... that must be done.  But Amnesty International have made an extraordinary start...”

Among 15 additional music sequences are two performances at the “Secret Policeman’s Ball series by Pete Townshend and Sting that helped inspired the Human Rights Concerts,” along with thirteen performances from the past decade cementing the concert’s legacy.

Artists who took part in those tribute performances include Green Day, Jeff Beck, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Perry, Bono and Pete Seeger.

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