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“Breaking Bad” Uses Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” During Iconic Final Scene
By: Troy Frisby

got a major boost this weekend when one of the band’s biggest hits, “Baby Blue,” was played over the final moments in the Breaking Bad series finale.

Along with hitting no. 27 on iTunes, online streaming for the U.K. band’s 1971 track rose by an incredible 9000% following the episode’s airing, Showbiz 411 reports.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with the band’s sole surviving member, guitarist Joey Molland, to talk about his reaction to the song’s newfound success.

Molland said he was not aware that the song would be played during the show’s closing moments (which can be seen here), as it belongs to the late Peter Ham’s estate, and in fact discovered it for himself while watching the episode on TV.

“It’s one of my favorites, for sure. It was a big hit for us, too,” he shared to “EW.” “So it was great to hear it. And I’m glad they used our version of it and not a recut of it. It’s great, you know? Today it’s in the charts, and yesterday it was kind of like an oldies record!”

The rocker added that though it would be “lovely” if the song’s resurgence led to increased sales of the band’s catalog, he’s taking it all in stride.

“But you’ve got to take these things as they come, you know? It could be just a big flash in the pan,” he said. “But it’s certainly exciting, and I’m thrilled to be dealing with it… Who knows, maybe people will start looking at Badfinger records again.”

For now, Molland is focusing on his Joey Molland’s Badfinger tour, during which he says he plays all the band’s classics, including “Baby Blue.”

In late November, he also has a new record coming out called Return to Memphis. For a list of upcoming tour dates or for more on Badfinger, check out the band’s official site. Take a listen to the song below:

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