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Linda Ronstadt Discusses Iconic Cub Scout Uniform
By: Gary Graff

One of Linda Ronstadt's most iconic stage costumes during her career was the Cub Scout uniform she began sporting during the mid-70s.

Ronstadt tells us that she and fellow singer Nicolette Larson both bought similar outfits during a trip to a Los Angeles thrift shop, and to this day she's surprised at the attention it received:

"Oh yeah, that was funny. There was a big kind of hue and cry about it. Again, it was just such a casual thing. We were just shopping in the secondhand store with second hand clothes and we went, 'Oh, these are cute'...Nicolette Larson and I each had one...It was just a practical thing. It was like, what can you wear on stage that looks kind of cute? You don't want to go out there in just some scruffy old anything. But on the other hand I wasn't going to be going out there in an evening gown. It was a hard niche to figure out, fashion-wise; the girls these days, they were the top designers. They read Vogue magazine. We weren't into that stuff then. We were hippies. We weren't going to be wearing Armani or Ralph Lauren gowns. We weren't into it. So we had to just make it up as we went along."

Ronstadt recently published an autobiography, "Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir." Her singing career has been ended by Parkinson's Disease.

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