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Dave Davies Teases Kinks Tour for 2014
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

Could the Kinks hit the road in 2014? Dave Davies certainly thinks it’s a possibility!

The rocker recently sat down for a Q&A session with Rolling Stone, during which he teased that he thinks the chances of him and his elder brother Ray Davies hitting the road next year are about “50/50” – which is ironic as next year marks the Kinks’ 50th anniversary as a band.

“I really do want to do something with Ray before we both decay and decompose,” Dave told Rolling Stone. “I said to Ray last week, ‘We don’t have much time left.’”

Davies reveals in the interview that “the ball is very much in Ray’s court” for a possible tour, and then begins to describe his brother in such a way, it makes us wonder if a tour is such a great idea…

After stating that Ray is “even worse” than “Emperor Palpatine,” the most evil character in Star Wars, Dave tells Rolling Stone, “But I have to thank him, because if he wasn't so f****** horrible to me I wouldn't have understood more about life…It's like that old cliché – you can choose your friends but you're stuck with your family. I think we were thrown together to try and teach each other something, and hopefully help some people that listen to us.”

One way people won’t be listening is through their speakers, as Davies almost completely rules out the possibility of another Kinks record, once again attributing it to the rocky relationship between him and his brother.

“I can't face the concept of days and days in the studio with Ray. I just can't do it,” Davies tells Rolling Stone.

However, if the Kinks do hit the road, fan should only expect to see the Davies brothers, with the addition of some new musicians. Drummer Mick Avory left the band in 1984, and bassist Pete Quaife passed away in 2010.

When discussing the possibility of bringing Avory back into the lineup, Dave told Rolling Stone, “I hope we don’t bring him back. We need new people. Sometimes when you're with the same old people, you get the same old thing.”

For more on Dave Davies interview with Rolling Stone, click here, and head to the Kinks official website to keep up with all of the band’s latest news.

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