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Sting Releases Musical Soundtrack for "The Last Ship"
By: Gary Graff

Out today is "The Last Ship," an album of songs Sting wrote for his upcoming musical of the same name.

The set features a dozen tracks (with more on various deluxe editions), although not all will make the cut for the actual stage piece when it opens June 10 in Chicago, with a Broadway debut slated for the fall. But Sting tells us that the album serves its own purpose in representing the musical:

"It was all written for the musical, but of course we can't use all of the material. There's too much material, and so a lot of it will not be in the musical, and I really thought there was a nice way of keeping it because it was superfluous but I thought that it was good, so I thought we would put it out along with the songs that will be in the musical as a kind of, as the raw material from which the musical is being cut. So it's almost everything I've written...It's been my work for the last three years, so the album is, it's just all of it, really."

Sting adds that he's confident the album will still give listeners a good sense of what the musical is about:

"I think it tells the same story, but it's a much bigger kind of umbrella. I think all that work was important. I wouldn't have finished the musical without having done all this work. It's work I'm very proud of."

Sting will present the songs from "The Last Ship" during a 10-night run starting Sept. 24 at the Anspacher Theater in New York City, and for a Nov. 16 date at Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater in Texas.

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