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Ex-Girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix Criticizes Upcoming Biopic
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

Kathy Etchingham
, ex-girlfriend of the late Jimi Hendrix, has taken up some serious issues with the upcoming biopic on the guitar legend.

In a recent interview with the UK’s Sunday Express, Etchingham aired her grievances about All is By My Side, which included problems with the costuming, the age of the Andre 3000 Benjamin and Hayley Atwell, who portray Hendrix and herself, and the overall truth to the events in the film.

"[The costumes have] Austin Powers written all over [them]; I would not be seen dead in anything like that,” Etchingham tells the Sunday Express.

She continues to say that Atwell (31) and Benjamin (38)  are far too old to play her and the late Hendrix, who both would have been in their 20s when the film takes place.

Etchingham tells the Sunday Express that such discrepancies could have been avoided, as she offered to work as a consultant on the film, but she never heard back after reaching out. As such, Etchingham is concerned that fans who see All is By My Side will accept the film’s interpretation of Hendrix’s life as fact, which she says it simply is not.

“A lot of people will go and see it who have never read any of the biographies and they will think it's the gospel truth. I don't want it [the film] to fundamentally change history,” Etchingham explains to the Sunday Express.

All is By My Side, directed by John Ridley, debuted at the Toronto Film Festival this past weekend, though notably, the movie does not feature any of Hendrix’s music, as they were unable to obtain permission to use it from the late guitarist’s camp.

For more on Kathy Etchingham’s interview with the Sunday Express, click here, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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