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Stewart to Tour with Elton John, Jeff Beck?
By: Troy Frisby

At the age of 68, Rod Stewart still has big plans to tour, most of them beginning with him putting an end to longstanding feuds with Elton John and Jeff Beck.

First, after performing alongside the “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” singer at an award show in the U.K. earlier this week, Stewart says he wants to do it again – as a regular thing.

“I’d like to tour with Elton,” he said, according to MSN, adding. “We did do a duet on one of my Great American Songbook albums, but really I’d love to – before we’re both in wheelchairs – go out and do a tour together.”

The singer also expressed interest in getting the ol’ band back together – or is it bands? But while Rod appears to have buried the hatchet with long-standing rival Elton, he and his former bandmate Jeff Beck apparently have not.

In a new interview with Billboard, Rod says he’d love to do something to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Jeff Beck’s first album, “Truth,” but they have one major hold-out: Jeff Beck himself.

He also said he’s waiting for the Rolling Stones to retire to free up Ronnie Wood for a Faces reunion.

“Whether Jeff would want to do it, there’s two chances – slim and none. When Jeff’s angry at you, he stays angry for a long time… I think there’s more a chance of the Faces doing something, but that has to wait ‘til we know the Stones are finished.”

What do you think of all this news? Is Rod Stewart just blowing smoke or could he really make it happen?

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