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Rumors Surface that Richie Sambora has Been Fired from Bon Jovi Tour
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

In the months following Richie Sambora’s departure from Bon Jovi’s Because We Can tour due to a “personal matter,” details given by both Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi have been vague, to say the least.

Many rumors have stated that the iconic duo had not been getting along, while others speculated that Sambora’s substance abuse issues had returned, but in the midst of it all, Jon Bon Jovi continued to make one thing clear: Sambora was welcome back at any time.

However, according to a recent article from, that is no longer the case. The website is reporting that Sambora has now been fired from the tour and cites money as the primary reason behind his termination

Sambora was allegedly pulling in a whopping $2 million a month, as well as 20 percent of the earnings on each of the band’s concerts.  Meanwhile, Sambora’s replacement, guitarist PhilipPhil XXenidis, is making a fraction of that, at $10,000 per month.

And the fact that Sambora will continue to make a profit on the concerts due to royalty and merchandise checks is apparently beside the point for the New Jersey rocker.

“Richie wants to go back on stage — that’s his first love. He’s really upset over the news,” a source told

Sambora had previously stated that he may return to the Bon Jovi lineup when the band kicks off the South American leg of their Because We Can tour next month, but in light of this news, that remains to be seen. Still, the rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied by either Richie Sambora or Bon Jovi's camps.

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