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Rumors Surface About U2's Next Tour
By: Ane Taylor

True or false: U2 will be structuring their new tour a little different this time around, performing more shows in one location.

Unfortunately for all you U2 fans, it’s hard to say. Yesterday, Rolling Stone reported that an Italian fansite posted exclusive information on the band’s upcoming tour, but there’s no telling whether its fact or fiction.

According to Rolling Stone, with the help of Google Translate, the article stated that “the Irish band seems to have no intentions of touching fewer cities but to do more concerts in the same location, for example every city three concerts instead of touching different cities and make a full concert…each concert with a different setlist.”

Although Rolling Stone seems a little skeptical of the story, they did humor the rumor by coming up with three different ways U2 could structure their three night shows, like a complete album show featuring War, The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby. Other suggestions included decade shows, where hits from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s would be performed on specific nights, and theme nights, which would include hits, rarities and choices from the band.

For fans, a tour like this would be a dream come-true, but the band has not released an official statement confirming or denying the rumor.

However, as previously reported the band has come forth and expressed their favor of Pussy Riot’s release, having signed the Amnesty International open letter along with tons of other stars.

Whether or not three-night stands are in U2’s future, just having them take the stage again will be good enough for us!

For more information on U2 and their latest projects visit their official website and to let us know your thoughts on the rumor, post a comment below!

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