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Elton John Cleared of Copyright Infringement
By: Ane Taylor

The verdict is in for Elton John!

In a lawsuit filed by Guy Hobbs, John and songwriting partner Bernie Taupin were accused of copyright infringement, having allegedly sampled elements from Hobbs song “Natasha” and using them in John’s 1985 hit “Nikita,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

However, on Wednesday (July 17), the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that copyright law did not protect the plaintiff’s claims. According to the Hollywood Reporter, some of similarities Hobbs’ referred to in his suit included:

  • both songs have a forbidden Cold War love theme
  • both describe a the female’s eyes in the same manner
  • “Nikita” and “Natasha” are similar title names
  • the songs’ lyrics both included similar versions of the phrases “I need you”  and “you will never know”

Seventh Circuit judge Daniel Manion cited these claims as general ideas, which copyright law does not protect. Furthermore, the judge stated that, while the two songs are both about forbidden love in some capacity, they “tell different stories.”

So with that settled, John can focus on his upcoming tour and new album, The Diving Board, set for release on September 16 and fans can stop worrying as well. “Nikita” is forever Elton John’s.

To read the court’s entire ruling click here and for more information on Elton John visit his official website.

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