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CCR Bassist Stu Cook Doubts John Fogerty's Claims of a Reunion
By: Gary Graff

The other former members of Creedence Clearwater Revival are taking John Fogerty's recent comments about being open to a reunion with a grain of salt.

Bassist Stu Cook tells us that he and drummer Doug "Cosmo" Clifford -- who tour with their own band, Creedence Clearwater Revivisted -- have heard this talk before and tells us that they expect it's again just lip-service:

"The first time he said something about that it was in 2012, I think, in July, maybe. It was a week after he slammed us...made some comment about what Doug and I are doing, the Revisited project. We just sort of, 'no surprise.' Then the following week he starts talking about he would be open to some kind of reunion if someone else thought it up...which was fairly mellow language coming from John. Over the years it's been...a non-topic. So we actually checked out, followed it up...and there's no truth to it. So now he trots out the new release and the same thing starts again and...omigosh, he's actually going to try to get mileage out of taunting or dangling some kind of unanticipated event."

The original CCR broke up acrimoniously in 1972, and Fogerty -- who's supporting a new all-star CCR covers album "Wrote a Song For Everyone" -- has even been in court with his former bandmates, including the estate of his late brother Tom Fogerty, over various issues during the intervening year.

Cook says he understands the interest in a reunion but adds that nobody should hold their breath waiting for it: 

"Sure, people are gonna ask him (Fogerty), people are gonna ask me, people are gonna ask Cosmo is there any chance, and honestly the answer is no. There just isn't any chance...Over the years there's been no softening by John of his bitterness...I have no idea what universe the guy's living in. I’m having a great time, and Doug would agree in a heartbeat, we're having a great time with the people we're with. We're reaching the same audience we would if we were together with John. We just don't have to go back into that meat-grinder to do it."

Creedence Clearwater Revisited is currently on the road, while Fogerty kicks off a U.S. tour on September 7 in Arlington, Va.

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