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Rolling Stones to Go on Hiatus
By: Troy Frisby

The Rolling Stones
may have been rockin’ out for 50 years and counting, but sometimes even they need a break.

In an interview with Britain’s Absolute Radio, Mick Jagger explained the he and the guys were excited about the chance to relax after their extended “50 & Counting” tour.

Canada’s Toronto Sun reports that the band, which recently returned to the U.K. after two months of performances in the States, plans to take a much-needed hiatus.

But before the Stones can take a break, the band has two more upcoming performances at London’s Hyde Park on July 6th and 13th.

“It’ll be fun… [We are looking] forward to doing these two shows in Hyde Park, the last two shows of… this tour so we’re gonna make them the best we can…” he said. “Maybe there’ll be things beyond that, but right now this is the summer then we have a bit of a break.”

Still, Jagger made it clear that new music from the Stones is on the horizon, saying, “I’m always writing new songs so hopefully we’ll do new songs one of these days soon.”

The Stones’ most recent new material was released on their greatest hits album GRRR!, including “Doom and Gloom” and “One More Shot.” Visit for the latest news from the Rolling Stones.   

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