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Boston Guitarist Loses Big in Defamation Case
By: Troy Frisby

’s Tom Scholz suffered a major blow in his defamation case against the Boston Herald, with the judge ordering him to pay more than $100,000 of the publication’s legal fees.

The guitarist sued the Herald, claiming the newspaper blamed him for Boston frontman Brad Delp’s suicide six years ago, Rolling Stone reports (via the Associated Press).

Scholz lost the lawsuit, and a Superior Court judge ruled that he must pay $132,000 in court fees. Because the reasoning behind Delp’s suicide is impossible to determine, the judge said, the paper could not be held liable for defamation.

Though Scholz’s legal team attempted to keep him from incurring the Herald’s legal fees, the judge cited the First Amendment argument, saying that forcing the publication to pay the fees could affect the “free expression of ideas and opinions by media defendants,” according to Rolling Stone.

Boston is best known for their work during the ‘70s and ‘80s with hits like “More Than a Feeling’ and “Amanda.”

It is unclear what impact the legal battle will have on Boston’s long-in-the-works follow-up to their most recent album, 2002’s Corporate America. Last year, Classic Rock Magazine cited rumors that the new album would be released this year.

“Unfortunately I don’t have a time frame on that,” said Boston’s new frontman, Tommy DeCarlo, according to the article. “Tom’s quite a perfectionist when it comes to his sound and his music. It’s not always done in a timely fashion.”

For more Boston news, check out the band’s official website.

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