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11th Anniversary of John Entwistle's Death
By: Ane Taylor

Today we remember the late John Entwistle, who passed away 11 years ago today.

Entwistle, along with his band mates, left a lasting mark on rock and roll and became a hit-making sensation after the Who took off in the mid-‘60s.

His laidback playing style and dark humor, displayed on hits like “My Wife,” “Whisky Man,” “Boris The Spider” and many more, added to the Who’s charisma both on stage and off and made him unforgettable as an artist.

Although he was a dedicated band member, Entwistle always found ways to keep himself creating or performing music, even when the Who was on a break.

In 1996, Entwistle released his debut album, Smash Your Head Against the Wall, the success of which led him to release of five more solo albums.  He also went on to tour with his band The Ox and later fronted The John Entwistle Band.

In 2002, the lead bassist for the Who died of a heart attack in Las Vegas, Nevada at the age of 57.

Entwistle rocked to the beat of his own bass strings, and that’s what we loved most about him. He was a trendsetter, an innovator and true Rock and Roll legend, and he will always be missed.

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