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Happy Birthday Mick Fleetwood!
By: Amber Harvey

Turning 66 today, Mick Fleetwood is not only the co-founder and drummer of the revered and multi-platinum force that is Fleetwood Mac, but also the only original member to have stuck with the band throughout its entirely rich—and admittedly rocky—46-year-long history.

Mick laid down the foundation for Fleetwood Mac in 1967 with guitarist Peter Green and bassist John McVie.  Two years later, the band sealed their reputation as one of England’s finest blues groups with their hit track “Albatross,” with its intoxicating guitar reverb that would come to inspire the Beatles’ Abby Road song, “Sun King."

In the mid-‘70s, Fleetwood Mac saw the departure of Green and the additions of keyboardist Christine McVie and former vocal duo Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.  Combining Mick’s bluesy roots with the soft-rock stylings of the band’s new line-up, Fleetwood Mac would become a tour de force in the realm of pop-rock, and top the charts with such hit songs as, “Rhiannon,” “Dreams,” “Gypsy,” “Landslide,” “Tusk,” and “Go Your Own Way.”

Over the years, Fleetwood Mac became as well known for their music catalogue as they were perhaps for their internal group tensions, including the divorce of the McVie's, the break-up of dreamy duo Nicks and Buckingham, and Nicks’s subsequent affair with Mick.  While these tumultuous dynamics played a great role in the group’s various break-ups over the years, they also played a huge role in its success, as they inspired FM’s confessional and introspective1977 album, Rumours—which came to be one of the best-selling rock albums in history.

After its members splintered off into solo projects throughout the 80s and 90s, Fleetwood Mac reunited in early 2013 for a world tour, and released the 4-track, aptly-titled EP, Extended Play

In a recent interview with CBS Local, Mick denied the latest of rumors that plague the band, saying, “The misconception is that we don’t like each other.  We do.  We actually love each other.  It’s just the co-existing from time to time has been incredibly hard.”

In the interview, Mick sounded optimistic about his future with Fleetwood Mac, saying “My whole life with all the ups and downs, really an incredible amount of gratitude that I’m still walking around frankly.  But we’ve managed to sustain this strange work ethic through all of these bits and pieces.”

He continued by saying that he is “amazed” by his band’s ability to move on from the past and do what they do best: get back together.

So are we.

With that, we’d like to wish Mick Fleetwood the happiest of birthdays!  For more information on the iconic drummer, visit his website, and be sure to share your birthday wishes in the comments section below!

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