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Paul McCartney Takes Over the "Colbert Report"
By: Troy Frisby

Sir Paul McCartney
 showed he’s definitely still got it, when he stopped by Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report for a special appearance last night.

The 70-year-old icon joined Stephen Colbert, the show’s satirical host, for an extended one-hour show centered almost entirely on McCartney.

Colbert discussed the logistics of having Sir Paul on the show, saying the legend’s tight schedule made things a little difficult to get everything ready in time.

“As with any musical guest, we have to secure the broadcast rights to their songs, clear the lyrics with legal, and, of course, nail down our camera and our lighting angles,” Colbert joked on the show. “So I told Sir Paul we absolutely had to know in advance what songs he’d be playing. He said, ‘I understand completely. I’ll decide when I get there.”

Be that as it may, McCartney performed six “surprise” songs on the show for an extremely lucky audience, including the Beatles’ classics “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite,”  “I’ve Just Seen a Face” and “Lady Madonna,” as well as Wings’ “Hi, Hi, Hi” and “Listen to What the Man Said.”

The Beatles legend, who has a birthday coming up next week, also fittingly played the Beatles’ “Birthday.”

Before playing, McCartney sat down with Colbert for an interview. Though he hadn’t performed on the series before, he was interviewed by the comedian once before for a segment called “Better Know a Beatle.”

The duo talked about Paul touring with his late wife Linda, the “Wings over America” reissue, as well as the differences between touring with the Beatles and touring with Wings, and even sang a bit together.

Check out his performances of "Hi, Hi, Hi" and "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" below. For more on Sir Paul McCartney and his Out There tour, head over to his official site, and for more video from his Colbert Report appearance, visit Colbert Nation.

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