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Kiss Drummer Calls Out Fans
By: Troy Frisby

’s Eric Singer is over the “Psycho Circus,” having had enough of the complaints by the band’s fans.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that the Kiss drummer is over the negative comments and had some rather harsh words for the group’s detractors. Singer spoke with Radio Nova about the situation, explaining that Kiss is going to do what Kiss is going to do.

“The people that want to complain about ‘I don’t like this,’ or ‘I don’t like that,’ ‘The should play this song,’ or ‘I only want the original band…’ The bottom line is this: this is how Kiss exists right now, in 2013,” he said. “Be glad there’s some version of Kiss and that we’re out there touring.”

Singer, who has performed with Kiss on and office for more than 20 years, added that he’s sick of people talking about the end of the band and wants fans to be grateful for the band as they are now.

“We have just as much passion and care just as much as the band ever did or ever could,” he told Radio Nova. “That’s what counts. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. I mean, Gene and Paul don’t need the money; they don’t need to do this. They do it because they love doing it.”

Kiss is currently touring in Europe, where they will perform for the next month before returning for a North American tour beginning in Canada.

For a complete list of tour dates, check out Kiss’s official page.

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