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The Beatles’ “Help!” Gets Blu-Ray Treatment
By: Troy Frisby

If you’re feeling down today, maybe the news that The Beatles’ film “Help!” is coming to Blu-ray on June 25 will help you get your feet back on the ground!

According to the official press release, the much-anticipated Blu-ray release of the Fab Four’s second film will be digitally restored and feature an hour of extras.

Among them is a 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary entitled “The Beatles in Help!” featuring the cast and crew, as well as outtake footage, theatrical trailers for the original film and more!

“Help!” stars John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison in a comic caper, following the guys on the run from a mad scientist, a creepy cult and the London police.  The film was by Richard Lester, who also helmed their 1964 hit “A Hard Day’s Night.”

The film is also notable for its chart-topping soundtrack, which features some of the Beatles’ greatest classics, including “Ticket to Ride,” “I Need You,” and, of course, “Help.”

“Help” was first restored for its 2007 DVD release, which sold more than five million copies in the U.S.

For more Beatles scoop, head to their official website.

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