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Bill Wyman Says “Never Again” to Stones Reunion
By: Troy Frisby

The Rolling Stones
’ 50 and Counting tour has already featured a lot of special guests, including appearances by Bonnie Raitt, John Fogerty and even Katy Perry. There’s no telling who else will pop up during one of their many upcoming concerts, but one thing seems certain: Bill Wyman will not be returning to perform with the legendary rock group any time soon.

Though he says he has no regrets, the Rolling Stones’ former bassist told The Huffington Post that he will never play with the band again after returning for two guest performances last year in London.

Wyman explained that he was disappointed at the way the reunion turned out as he was under the impression he’d have a bigger role in the O2 Arena concerts.

“[The Rolling Stones had] asked me the December before, and I had to jam with them for three days. I was under the impression I was going to get really involved, but when it came to it, they only wanted me to do two songs, which was very disappointing,” he tells The Huffington Post.

Despite the misunderstanding, Wyman still calls his former bandmates great friends, but states that he has no interest in moving backward.

The rocker met with HuffPo’s Caroline Frost to discuss the release of “Bill Wyman’s Scrapbook,” a coffee table book composed of photographs from his early years and his nearly thirty years of touring with the Stones.

The book features 1,962 pages and only 1,962 copies of the book will be produced, both clear nods to the year Wyman first joined the Rolling Stones.

“Bill Wyman’s Scrapbook” is available now via Concert Live.

For the rocker’s entire interview with The Huffington Post, click here, and to check out all of the Rolling Stones’ upcoming tour dates, head to the band’s official website.

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