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Happy Birthday Alex Van Halen!
By: Kathryn Summers

As the backbeat for the band that bears his last name, songs such as “Jump,” “Hot for Teacher” and “Runnin’ with the Devil,” would not be complete if not for Alex Van Halen.

Cue the sound of his gong and off Alex goes on another show-stopping drum solo to really drive home a Van Halen concert.

Originally a guitar player with his brother Eddie Van Halen on the drums, the dynamic duo decided to switch one day, and Rock and Roll was never the same.

Known as a skilled madman, Alex has always pushed the limits, often pulling stunts such as lighting drumsticks and cymbals on fire while on stage during concerts. Former frontman Sammy Hagar once referred to the elder Van Halen brother as the “craziest man” he knew in the business  and Alex spent much of 1995’s ‘Balance Tour’ in a neck brace due to rupturing three vertebrae in his neck…which STILL didn’t stop him from rocking it out!

Most recently, Alex and the rest of Van Halen released their 12th studio album A Different Kind of Truth, and will kick off the Japanese leg of their supporting tour this summer.

Happy 60th Birthday Alex Van Halen! Here’s to many more years behind the throne!

To learn more on the renowned drummer, visit Van Halen’s official website.

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