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Classic Rock Artists Partner with Global Citizen to Give Away Free Tickets for Activism
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

Through the years, musicians have been among some of the most well-known activists, speaking on behalf of dozens of charities and non-profit organizations or often starting their own. However, while fans may associate a particular artist with a certain cause, that doesn’t necessarily motivate them to get involved.

Now, Rock and Roll icons such as Bruce Springsteen, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Heart and Pearl Jam are giving fans the encouragement they may have been missing by becoming involved in the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative.

To help fight world hunger and spread awareness about other important issues, these bands and artists are donating two tickets to every show they play over the next three years, according to Rolling Stone.

For fans to score the free tickets, they must earn points by raising money for participating charities, sharing certain informational videos and articles on Facebook and Twitter, and etc. After a certain amount of points are earned, participants can use them to be entered into a lottery-style drawing to win the passes. The more points you rack up, the better your chances.

If this all sounds a little familiar, it’s because this initiative was based on one of 2012’s biggest events in music. Last September, the Global Citizen Festival was held in NYC’s Central Park, with Neil Young, the Foo Fighters and the Black Keys headlining the event.

The concert used the same lottery-style system to encourage potential attendees to spread awareness via social media in order to earn points to win tickets. According to Rolling Stone, the event was constructed by Pearl Jam’s manager, Kelly Curtis and the Global Poverty Project’s chief executive, Hugh Evans, and the festival went on to raise a reported $1.3 billion in pledges.

With the success of the concert, it seemed obvious to expand the concept even further; thus the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative was created. Artists have even provided the tickets out of their own personal reserves to ensure they will be available for the lottery winners. Many of the major players in the entertainment industry, including reps from AEG, Live Nation and more, have also signed on to help.

Curtis explained to Rolling Stone, “I'm hit up every day for something, whether it's to play or donate a song or give money. I just thought, 'What would accomplish a lot that wouldn't require time or anything – what if everyone gave a show?' You're talking about social activism in a really great way.”

More on this story can be found at For additional info about the Global Citizen organization and to find out how you can get involved and win tickets, head to their official website.

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