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Ginger Baker was in Talks to Replace Bill Ward in Black Sabbath
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

As many know by now, original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has not been a part of any of the band’s reunion projects over the past year, due to contractual disagreements. He has since been replaced by Rage Against the Machine Brad Wilk drummer, who can be heard on the band’s upcoming album 13, but it seems as though producer Rick Rubin also had someone else in mind to fill Ward’s empty throne.

During a recent interview with the music blog Mojo 4 Music, Rubin revealed that Cream icon Ginger Baker was among his suggestions to become the backbeat of Black Sabbath, though the band wanted to go in another direction.

Rubin explains to Mojo, “He was on my list because I wanted to get someone who had grown up in the same world as them, and who jammed the way they did. There aren’t many of those people left. Most of them are dead.”

The notorious producer continues, “I was asking: who grew up listening to the same music as them? Who played in bands where they jammed back then? It’s a very different thing from the way hard rock and heavy metal drummers play today. That’s the kind of drummer I was looking for.”

And though Brad Wilk wasn’t exactly a part of that time period of Rock and Roll that Rubin is referring to, he tells Mojo it was clear from the first time Wilk played with Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Tony Iommi that he was the best fit for the band.

“Of all the people I heard them play with, Brad had the best feel. I got chills when I heard him play with them,” Rubin remembers in the interview.

Black Sabbath’s latest album is due out on June 11, and though it has already been announced that the deluxe edition will feature three bonus tracks, it was recently revealed that fans will have the chance to get even more new material.

According to the band’s unofficial website,, those who purchase a copy of 13 at Best Buy will also get the exclusive song “Naiveté in Black” included in their version of the record. Other bonus tracks include “Methademic,” Peace of Mind” and “Pariah,” the first of which Black Sabbath debuted live during a concert in Melbourne, Australia earlier this week.

For Rick Rubin’s entire interview with Mojo 4 Music, click here, and head to the Black Sabbath official website for more info on the band.

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