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John Densmore Suggests Jimmy Fallon as New Frontman for Possible Doors Reunion
Claire Holton

Drummer of The Doors John Densmore told Jim O’Brien of WCSX in an interview on Wednesday (April 17) that late night host Jimmy Fallon might be a good choice to replace frontman Jim Morrison should the band ever decide to reunite.

When asked by O’Brien who he would pick for a new singer, Densmore enthusiastically replied, “Jimmy Fallon! Have you seen his imitation of Morrison?”

On perhaps a more serious note, Densmore also said of a possible Doors reunion:

I’m not gonna go on tour with them and find a ‘Jimitator'...if we played a couple gigs like Pink Floyd, who’s had their struggles, benefits or something, Live Aid or whatever, with some great singer that would make sense.”

In the interview, Densmore also talked about his new book “The Doors: Unhinged,” in which the rocker examines the legal strife with former band mates Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger over the right to tour under the name “The Doors.”  Densmore said the book was “cathartic” and also acted as an “olive branch” that he extended to both Manzarek and Krieger. 

We’re not sure if Mr. Densmore was totally serious about the Jimmy Fallon recommendation or not, but the comedian is certainly good at impersonating Classic Rockers, having covered artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Sting, and others on his show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  Densmore will appear as a guest on the show on May 3.

See Fallon’s impression of Morrison below and head to the WCSX podcast page to listen to the full interview!

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