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Classic Rock Artists React to Boston Marathon Bombing
By: Ray Hidalgo

As the dust settled in the aftermath of the bombings in Boston yesterday, sentiments of shock, anger, and sorrow flooded the social media world from all corners of the globe. Yet, as was the case with New York City and September 11, humanity was united behind a city in mourning.

Here’s how some of our favorite Classic Rock stars offered their support through the Twitterverse.

America, Bret Michaels, Tommy Lee and Boston's own Joe Perry sent out their hearts, prayers, and thoughts to the victims and their families.

Three Dog Night hashtagged #Senseless and offered their condolences to anyone killed or injured during the bombings.

Guns N' Roses provided a link to Google’s Personfinder, a crucial service that the search engine giant immediately released in order to assist concerned friends and family members with finding their loved ones.

Ted Nugent posted that, “[I] hope the guilty are caught & severely punished.”

To those affected, Billy Idol said, “my heart goes out to you...”

Linking to a Facebook post, Foghat stated, “Our hearts and our thoughts are with our Boston friends and their families who have been injured or lost, and with everyone here in this fantastic country of ours. No words to describe how we feel....just hope for an end to all of this craziness.”

Singer/songwriter and Boston native James Taylor also released a touching message via press release entitled "...our Marathon" that read:

"Bostonians are rightly proud of our Marathon. It is a uniquely American event which opens its arms to the world. Any and all are welcome: men and women, able-bodied and disabled, young and old across the races and religions of the planet. That anyone could target this celebration of global family is impossible to conceive. Our hearts ache for the injured innocents; and we are so grateful and proud of our first-responders, our President, our Governor and Mayor for their calm strength and leadership in this tragic time."

Our nation is still reeling from the tragedy at yesterday’s Boston Marathon. For the people of the proud Massachusetts city, it was supposed to be another ‘Marathon Monday’; a day where everyone could come together and celebrate the spirit of human athleticism without prejudice; a day where there were no teams, no divisions, and no rivalries.

Yet, there is a courage that inspires, emanating from the marathon runners who continued to run to a local hospital to give blood; to the resilience of victims who are still fighting for their lives; to the dedication of Boston’s emergency personnel. Those responsible may have shattered lives, brick, and glass…but they’ll never shatter our will.



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