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Happy Birthday Hugh Hefner!
By: Ray Hidalgo

Had Hugh Hefner received the $5 raise he requested from Esquire Magazine in 1953, Playboy Magazine might not have existed and, many of us would be hopelessly lost.

Today, Hefner is 87 and presides over a multimedia empire that entertains through many avenues ranging from the traditional magazine, to a reality TV show (Girls Next Door), to the many events that are held at the Playboy Mansion every week.

The first issue of Playboy came out in December 1953, but was undated as Hefner was unsure if there would be enough interest to put second out to press. His saving grace, however, was a photograph of Marilyn Monroe that was taken before she was famous. 50,000 copies sold, easy, and the gravy train rolled on from there.

Hefner’s empire has been through rough patches but perseveres to this day on TV, the internet, and in magazine aisles, and life for Hugh has been good. He recently married his third wife, Crystal Harris this past New Year’s Eve.

Now, on the other side of an interview, Hefner was able to tell his old employer, Esquire, “I'm essentially a romantic, always have been.”

Happy Birthday and congratulations, you lucky dog!

Be sure to wish Hugh Hefner a good one in the comments section below!

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