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Bob Seger Continues Work on New Album
By: Gary Graff

Even as he continues on his Rock and Roll Never Forgets Tour, Bob Seger is hatching plans to finish his next album -- which he says could well be his last.

Seger is playing three new songs from the album on tour -- the original "All of the Roads" (also known as "All The Roads") and covers of John Hiatt's "Detroit Made" and the Wilco/Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie collaboration "California Stars" -- which he recorded earlier this year in Nashville and plans to include on the album.

It will be Seger's first set of all-original material since 2006's "Face The Promise," and he tells us he's been making good progress on the set:

"I think I can soundly say I've got 66 percent of it, two-thirds of it, done, virtually done. And it's just a matter of I'm gonna try to figure out what I need that I don't have when I pare it down to eight songs and then try to write the songs that'll best complement those eight. And that's what I'm gonna do starting, like, May 12; our last two gigs are the 9th and 11th of May. I'll go into writing after that...I told Capitol Records I want this out end of August, and they said OK."

Other songs slated for the set, he says, include "Ride Out," "Wonderland" and "Gates of Eden."

Meanwhile, Seger adds, the album -- which currently has several working titles -- may be, as the song says, his famous final scene:

"I've had a great career...I wouldn't say I'm in the planning stages of retiring, but I'm wide open to it now, and I don't know how much more there is to prove and I wouldn't mind putting out one more record. It'd be nice to have one last record out there, one last swan song. That's all I'm concerned with right now is just trying to make that as good as it can be, and then we'll look at everything else. I'm gonna be 68 in May, y'know, so, yeah, it's been a great run."

Seger's tour wraps May 11 in Edmonton, making up for a date he canceled earlier in the tour.

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