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Happy Birthday Paul Kantner!
Claire Holton

As the longest lasting member of The Jefferson Airplane (19 straight years), rocker Paul Kantner knows a thing or two about sticking around in the music industry.

Although Kantner never wrote or sang the lead on a hit single, he is considered by many to be the band’s driving creative force.  It was Kantner’s great love of science fiction, a second grade discovery which stuck with him through the years, which made Jefferson Airplane the psychedelic symbol of the 60’s counterculture movement it was.

In 1970, Kantner released his first solo venture, Blows Against The Empire, and when Airplane finally called it quits in 1972, he reformed the band under the name Jefferson Starship with wife and frontwoman Grace Slick.

Jefferson Starship continued Airplane’s success with their first release, 1974’s Dragon Fly, and second, 1975’s Red Octopus, which went to #1 on the Billboard charts.    

Today, Jefferson Starship is reunited and features Paul on vocals and guitar, David Freiberg on vocals and guitar, Cathy Richardson on vocals, Slick Aguilar on lead guitar, Chris Smith on keyboards, and Donny Baldwin on drums. Starship released a 4-CD set entitled Tales From The Mothership in 2009 and will begin a European tour in 2013! 

To celebrate his birthday, Mr. Kantner will play with Starship at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City tonight (March 17).

To read more about the life of Paul Kantner, visit Jefferson Airplane’s official website.

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