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Clarence Clemons Brother Suing Doctor for Malpractice in Sax Player's Death
By: Ray Hidalgo

When Clarence Clemons suddenly passed away from a stroke in 2011, it was a huge shock to his fans, friends, and family. In an effort to address questions that demanded answers Clemons’ brother, William, decided to file a lawsuit the following year against three doctors and their practice in Palm Beach, Fla., according to Showbiz411.

As the saxophonist-in-chief for Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Clarence Clemons was the ‘Big Man’; a friendly 6’5 giant who had played football for Maryland State and nearly became an offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns (via At age 69, Clemons was still very much the lively larger-than-life onstage presence that fans knew and loved.

According the to exclusive story at Showbiz411, before having surgery in June 2011, Clemons was probably more concerned about whether he would be able to have fresh hands to play sax rather complications occurring. A surgeon operated on Clemons to address his carpal tunnel syndrome; however, a separate team of medical specialists opted not to use short-term blood thinners on him before and after the operation. This decision could have increased the chances of a blood clot and induced Clemons’ stroke, Showbiz411 reports.

Showbiz411 goes on to report that Clemons’ widow, Victoria Clemons, said that the day after the surgery, she found her late husband “on the floor, beside the bed, confused and dysarthric [unable to speak properly].”

In Clarence’s last moments, however, Victoria told Rolling Stone that she found some solace. “He lived his life like he played his sax – without holding back…[Clarence] became bigger than life. His soul broke free when his body couldn’t tolerate another struggle. He moved on to another dimension.”

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