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Former KISS Drummer to Receive American Cancer Society Award
By: Ray Hidalgo

Peter Criss earned plenty of fame playing a key role in KISS as the original drummer and a founding member.  Now he's being recognized as another kind of rock star.  Ther American Cancer Society is honoring Criss as a "rock star" humanitarian with their ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ in New Jersey this Saturday.

Since finding a lump in his breast in 2007, Criss has been vocal about his personal cancer experience, letting males know that they too, are at risk for breast cancer.  

In 2009, Criss recounted  to CNN his discovery of a lump that would ultimately diagnosed as breast, "I go to the gym; I've been drumming since I was a kid. So I'm very aware of my body. So when [the lump] happened I said, 'Jesus, what's this thing?'”

Before accepting a similar award from the state’s Jersey Shore Cancer Support Community last October, Criss told USA Today that he was reluctant to share his story. Since changing his mind, however, he hasn’t really looked back. 

He shared with USA Today, “It's an honor to educate people about male breast cancer and reaching out and letting people know about it.” Criss said. “I'm so freaked out about it. I've gotten many accolades in the 50 years I've done [music] but there's one no more greater then saving a life, and recently that theme has been my calling.”

Congratulations on your award, Peter, we salute you!

For more on Peter Criss, head to his official website.

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