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Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck Lead Band Camp
By: Catherine Mitchell

Of all the things that are once in a lifetime, spending four unforgettable days in Las Vegas with Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, and renowned guitarist, Jeff Beck, ranks with attending Woodstock and The Beatles 1964 JFK landing.

April 18-21 are the days of the spring dream as the Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp bring together these two music legends for music camp, in order to teach the tricks-of-the-trade from two of the best in the business.

Can you imagine learning how to be a rock star from Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck?  Seriously!?!   

Beck and Wilson may be spearheading the event, but campers will also have the opportunity to meet other rock legends, or for the duration of the camp, counselors. Camp counselors include: Billy Hinsche (Dino, Desi and Billy), Jeff Foskett (Brian Wilson Band), Teddy Andreadis (Guns N’ Roses) and many more.

Here’s the coolest part about Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp…it doesn’t matter if you can carry a tune or play an instrument.  All levels of musical talent (or lack thereof) are welcomed. Campers have the option to bring their own instruments, or use the one’s provided at the camp.

Camp classes, lead by the counselors, will allow attendees to write and record an original work and participate in a live rehearsal.  Those whose interested lie in vocals will have the option in participating in vocal lessons. Campers, at the completion of camp, will perform at the Rouge Lounge inside MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.   No word from the camp if there is a course in trashing hotel rooms.

The whip cream and cherry of this whole experience is the private concert of Brian Wilson and his band.

Some of the previous counselors include: Gene Simmons (KISS), George Thorogood (The Destroyers), Slash (guns N’ Roses), Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Bret Michaels (Poison), Mickey Hart (The Grateful Dead) and Meatloaf.

With a resume list full of talented musicians, it would be near impossible to leave this event and not have learned a thing.

Check out for more details on what sounds like a Rock N’ Roll experience you’d never forget.

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