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Ronnie Wood Pushes for the Stones to Play at Glatsonbury Festival
By: Zooby Qizilbash

There have been rumors for months regarding the Rolling Stones' potential concert dates for 2013.

Two shows at London’s O2 Arena in late 2012 started speculation about tour dates this year. Lead singer Mick Jagger has previously dropped hints at the possibility of the Stones playing at the UK's Glastonbury Festival, and a teaser image of a stone in a festival field was floating around on the internet a few weeks back, leading to growing speculation.

Now, guitarist Ronnie Wood has revealed he is up for the task to be present at Glastonbury, stating that he would like to make his debut performance on the Pyramid Stage and is willing to go to lengths to make it happen. Wood recently spoke to The Independent and when asked about the rumors, he replied, “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

Wood went on to add:  “We’ve got a meeting next month and that’s going to be my first question to them. It’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’m going to twist their arms.”

This year, the Glastonbury Festival is set to be live streamed for the first time ever. Viewers will be able to watch different stages as they happen, with simultaneous live streams from all the major stages available. 

And if Wood has any say in it, the Stones will be on the main stage. 

“I’ve got high hopes for this year,” Wood told The Independent. "Now that we’re all rehearsed – let’s get it cracking this summer!”

While no news is confirmed yet, the growing discussion about the Rolling Stones playing at Glastonbury has to have fans excited. The idea of a summer concert headlined by the Stones sounds about as good as it gets. 

Past Glastonbury acts include diverse acts such as U2, Morrissey, BB King, Paul Simon and more.

Be sure to check out the Glastonbury website for updates on the 2013 festival and keep up with the Stones’ latest news at their official website! Maybe you’ll find some ‘Satisfaction’ there.

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