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David Lee Roth Shoots Down Another New Van Halen Album in Recent Q&A
By: Zooby Qizilbash

When someone like David Lee Roth speaks, the word ‘filter’ is about as relevant as the big hair of the 80’s is today. The man says what's on his mind, for better or for worse. 

And in that vein, fans of Van Halen hoping for another new album shouldn’t hold their breath. Roth recently spoke in-depth on a number of topics with Rolling Stone, and during the conversation, the scissor-kicking singer shot down the possibility of a follow-up to 2012’s A Different Kind of Truth.

Roth addressed the status of the group, or lack thereof, stating “Truth be told, Edward [Van Halen] and I haven’t written a new song in 20 years.” Roth also expressed frustration at a lack of movement with the band, in regards to writing new material and touring, though they are expected to resume their post-poned concert dates in the coming months.

“We’ll always be able to play our hits,” Roth said. “Getting onstage and playing that is glorious. But in terms of taking the music past where we found it, I’m not sure where that’s going to go.” 

The singer did say what he would like to see from the band in the future; a list that includes a reunion with former bassist Michael Anthony. Roth stated, "...what we have at our fingertips is arguably one of the greatest high tenor voices ever – that was in Michael Anthony. So I would always look forward to that reunion, and I would always look forward to writing a whole variety of material.”

Diamond Dave now resides in Tokyo, a place that has been his home since last May. He explains that the move, which he did on his own, was a difficult one, but also states "Creatively, it has had a really resounding impact on me.”

While Van Halen has been on hiatus due to Eddie Van Halen's health issues, Roth has written and recorded an entire album of material with someone named John 5! Roth says the project is called ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar & Grill’ and it’s been designed as a “jukebox musical” where classic songs are remixed in the dance music genre. 

“We have a core audience who is devout, but we have the capacity to play and to revise and have a whole lot of celebrative fun with a lot of other neighborhoods as opposed to just the lead, bass and drum gang,” he told Rolling Stone.

And when addressing his extremely active lifestyle, both as an a musical and martial artist, Roth explained “For me, 60 is the new 80. You oughta see my X-rays.”   

For David Lee Roth’s entire interview with Rolling Stone, click here.

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