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David Bowie and Iggy Pop Biopic Announced
Simon & Garfunkel's Documentary "Song of America" Shown in NYC
Claire Holton

Fans of both film and 70’s music are having a great week!

A special screening of Songs of America, the 1969 documentary about folk duo Simon & Garfunkel, was held recently in New York where producer Charlie Grodin and Art Garfunkel revealed that it was director Mike Nichols who caused the band’s breakup in 1970.

The director cast both Simon and Garfunkel in his adaptation of the novel Catch-22 but later cut Simon’s role which caused a major rift between them. Grodin told The Hollywood Reporter, “That was the beginning of their split-up.  I just think this is outrageous -- you don’t take Simon & Garfunkel and ask them to be in a movie and then drop one of their roles on them. You just don’t do that.”

On the flip side, the new British biopic Lust for Life features a different pair; that of David Bowie and Iggy Pop

The film follows Bowie and Pop on their move to West Berlin in the 1970’s where they collaborated on some of their best music, including Pop’s 1977 album “Lust for Life” which the movie is named after.

No word yet on when the movie will be released, but head to The Hollywood Reporter or Bowie’s official website for more info.

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