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The Red Rocker to Hit the Studio with the Wabos This Year
By: Ray Hidalgo

The original boys of Van Halen just celebrated the 35th anniversary of their self-titled debut album and even had a mini-reunion on-air for the widely syndicated radio show In The Studio. Meanwhile, Sammy Hagar was probably drinking rum or tequila at a Cabo San Lucas beach and kicking out some of his own jams for an upcoming album.

Armed with a band of his own, The Red Rocker and The Wabos have also been busy in the studio and expect to release the record within 2013.

“We’re rehearsing and writing songs,” Hagar told Las Vegas Magazine. “We’re putting something out this year and we’ll probably go out and do 25-30 shows.”

When Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as Van Halen’s resident frontman, there was a bit of bad blood (and high alcohol content) fueled by competing egos. A live demonstration of Roth’s black belt and Hagar’s boxing background would probably sell out most major venues; but that particular beef seems to have gotten cold.

After quitting Van Halen, Hagar mostly worked on his solo material, but he has since associated with shred sultan Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, and Van Halen’s original bassist Michael Anthony in the supergroup, Chickenfoot. Hagar also often performs live at his restaurant, the Cabo Wabo Cantina, backed up by Cabo UNO in Cabo San Lucas.

That doesn’t mean he’s done with Van Halen quite yet. Rumors have been bouncing around that the supposed Van Halen Australian tour in 2013 will feature both frontmen, Hagar and Roth. A 2012 Japan leg of the VH tour was unceremoniously cancelled when Eddie Van Halen had to undergo emergency surgery for Diverticulitis and the pressure has been on to cash in the raincheck. Whatever the case, if Hagar doesn’t end up on stage, he’s already got his own.

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