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Carl Palmer Taking ELP Legacy Show on World Tour
By: Gary Graff

Emerson, Lake & Palmer may be on ice at the moment, but two of its members have new projects in the works.

Though he's still busy with Asia -- which is releasing a new album, "Valkyrie," later this year -- drummer Carl Palmer will be touring extensively this year with his Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy group, starting February 9 in Tokyo and including European dates from March 1-16 and a Pan-American tour commencing March 25 in Florida and running through May 11. Palmer and his trio -- guitarist Paul Bielatowicz and bassist Simon Fitzpatrick -- will present instrumental versions of ELP's music during each show on what he's dubbed the Twist of the Wrist 2013 tour.

Greg Lake, meanwhile, plans to continue his "Songs of a Lifetime" live show, a music-and-speaking presentation that touches on his time with not only ELP but also King Crimson and in Ringo Starr's "All-Star Band."

He's recorded the show for a "Songs of a Lifetime" album that's due out in late February; the set's 20 tracks includes King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" and "The Court of the Crimson King," the Beatles' "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel" and plenty of ELP favorites, as well as stories about his first guitar, his influences and his bands.

ELP did reunite to perform at Britain's High Voltage festival in 2010, but Palmer tells us future work is unlikely:

"I left in 2010. It was a little bit embarrassing for me because it wasn't quite as good as it would be. Obviously time has paid its toll on various members of the band. I made it clear to Greg and Keith (Emerson) that I've got enough on my plate and didn't really want to continue. We weren't on the cutting edge the way we used to be, so it's better to leave it, leave people with the dream. We had a great time, we got a DVD out of it, so just leave it where it is. As a band we couldn't have gone any further, I don't think."

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