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Scorpions Singer Talks About the Band's Future
By: Gary Graff

have decided they're shy of retiring.

After announcing a final full-scale world tour in 2010 and plans to shift its career into a lower gear, the German hard rock group has about faced, according to singer Klause Meine.

He tells Britain's Classic Rock Magazine that the sea change was "a gradual decision" during what was to be the quintet's farewell tour, supporting that year's "Sting in the Tail" album and the subsequent covers set.

Meine says that, "It's one thing to say, 'This is going to be the end of the Scorpions' and another to do it. Our 'Sting in the Tail' album was such a success that a whole new generation of fans joined the party. It was amazing. And you know that with all the best parties, it`s sometimes hard to find the door...I don't want to say too much right now, but I can reassure you there is still life in those bloody old Scorpions."

Guitarist Matthias Jabs, meanwhile, tells us that the group's next project will be a new album, due out that year, that includes "unfinished songs from the early 80s, leftovers from the 'Blackout' album, 'Love at First Sting,' which some people thing is our best work. It's actually very good material."

The idea for the project, he adds, "came from the fans. They were the ones saying, 'There must be some extra material from those days,' and they were right."

The Scorps have been working with producers Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Martin Hansen, and Jabs promises that while the songs may be old, the sound won't be:

"We're doing it the way we are recording albums today, but the basic ideas, the riffs, the feel, the way they were written and arranged,  we try to keep as much from the old recordings as possible. Thirty years later no one would come up with these ideas we came up with when we were younger, so we want to keep that spirit in there."

Scorpions also hope to release a documentary about the so-called farewell tour by Katja Von Garnier, which includes footage from both off and on stage, including the tour's December 17, 2012 finale in Munich.

The group has already booked a pair of stadium shows for May 17-18 in Sankt Wendel, Germany.

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