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Brian May Named PETA UK's Person of the Year
By: AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

co-founder Brian May has been recognized for many accomplishments over his long career, but his most recent award it a little bit different.

The guitarist was just named PETA UK’s Person of the Year for his work in badger activism.

May formed the organization Team Badger this past year along with several other animal rights groups, among them, PETA and his own charity, Save Me, in an effort to halt a plan to cull approximately 100,000 badgers across Britain. The organization came in response to a recent license given to farmers that allows them to shoot badgers to prevent tuberculosis in their cattle.

The Team Badger official website states of their mission, “We are united in our opposition to government plans to cull badgers in a misguided attempt to control the spread of bovine TB. If the cull does go ahead as planned, at least 70% of badgers in large areas of the country, many of them healthy, will be killed. We simply cannot let that happen.”

According to an article on, May said that, although he will undoubtedly be remembered for his work with Queen when he is gone, he would rather his legacy be the work he did for animal rights.

With this honor, May joins the ranks of other celebs such as Pamela Anderson, Sir Roger Moore and fellow rocker, Morrissey.

Congratulations to Brian May!

For more on this story, click here, and head to the Team Badger website to find out more about the cause.

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